Online Financial Literacy

Teach the value of a dollar

Banzai is an online financial education platform. It is designed to help students learn by doing. Over 30,000 teachers have joined the program and are supported by hundreds of banks and credit unions nationwide.

Banzai lets you

Teach real-world financial literacy, for free

Banzai exposes them to real-life adult financial dilemmas, from taming a budget and paying auto insurance to navigating taxes.


Gives you the right course

Whether you teach high school, junior high, or elementary aged students, Banzai lets you choose the difficulty level.

Banzai is

Designed with your class in mind

You can build an entire course around Banzai in your business, financial literacy, or family and consumer science courses.

Sponsors let you

Use Banzai for free today

Here's a fresh idea: teachers getting premium software without spending a dime—all thanks to local banks and credit unions.

Banzai lets you

Grade an entire class in an instant

You're a teacher, not a bookkeeper. Lesson prep and grading are a cinch because Banzai does the grading for you.

There is no doubt in my mind that when students use technology to learn, it becomes fun, and Banzai is exactly that!!
Teacher, Auburn Junior High, New York

Banzai helped me realize how to manage my money with different choices and made me realize which choices are smart ones!
Student, Christ Lutheran School, New Mexico

One thing I learned is that it pays off to do good and be smart about the future! Get insurance, donate to charity!
Student, Brush High School, Colorado

Every day my students ask, "When is the next time we will use Banzai?"
Teacher, LC Swain Middle School, Florida

You can

Access Banzai anywhere, anytime

Banzai is web-based, and can be accessed on all major desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. It even offers special support for iPads and Chromebooks.

Banzai helps you

Align to your state standards

Banzai helps meet your unfunded mandate to teach financial literacy. See how it aligns with your state's standards of learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is Banzai free?

    Banzai is 100% free for educators and students. Completely. No strings, no catch. Hundreds of banks and credit unions around the country, who care about teaching young people to be financially responsible, generously sponsor Banzai in their local communities.

    Do I have a sponsor?

    When you sign up and tell us which school you're at, Banzai will reveal your sponsor. If you don't have a sponsor, don't worry! You can still use Banzai on the web, at no cost, with no sponsor. Banzai's software is completely open and ready to use by any teacher, anywhere.

  • How does Banzai align with my curriculum?

    Click here to see how Banzai aligns with standards of learning (SOLs) in your state.

  • What does Banzai teach?

    Banzai features two financial literacy courses: Banzai for junior and senior high schools, and Banzai Jr., an elementary-aged course. Banzai is supplemental, however, it's designed to teach your students about finance using experience-based learning techniques to make its curriculum memorable and impactful.

    See the high school course overview here, and the elementary overview here.

  • How long does it take?

    Banzai is flexible. It is designed to fit your schedule. At a minimum, plan two to five classroom hours to complete Banzai. If you are looking to fill more classroom hours, however, consider teaching from the Teacher's Edition of Life Scenarios, which contains additional resources to expand the curriculum, while your students complete the activities online.

  • What age groups is Banzai appropriate for?

    In Banzai, there are two courses: one for elementary grade students (ages 8 thru 11), and a second course designed for middle, junior high, and high school students (ages 13 to 18).

    When you sign up, you can manage multiple classes and choose the courses that fit best.

Banzai challenges them to

apply knowledge to real-world situations.

Teach them using nature's most sophisticated tool: trial and error. Banzai lets them experiment with finances in an accountable, yet safe environment.